A little progress. I had to dig up the strawberries that are basically going wild in this spot. And then after I got rid of dandelions, Holly, clover and some other stuff, I replanted the strawberries. The wooden crate is probably temporary just to keep them safe while I figure out what to do. But you can see a little bit of progress here at least! Those strawberries sure are determined; I think that if they could they would take over the entire backyard. But there’s just no match for things like dandelions.

It’s so hot to be working outside during the middle of the day, and I can hear Scott’s voice in my head saying to be careful. So I worked on this little bit this morning and then more this evening when it started to get a little cooler. It’s possible the sprinklers are working now—I’m still not sure and they are on a timer so the only way to really know is to make sure I’m there watching when the timer goes off. I’ll do that tomorrow morning and see what I can see. I don’t want to mess with the control box too much, I might break them again if they are working!

I know I’m jumping way ahead of myself here, but I can really imagine there being a small fountain in this backyard.